At TA we understand that your house may be your single largest asset, but it is much more than just a financial investment – it is the place you call Home. We realize that the effort you put in to improve the functionality and comfort of your home should not come at the heavy price of stress and cost overruns. That is why we try to keep the design process as simple and straightforward as possible.


  • THE FIRST STEP always begins with a free initial consultation. We prefer to meet you at the project location. This allows us to see first-hand the full extent of the work, and any unique opportunities to be captured. The initial meeting typically lasts between 1 and 2 hours. We will discuss your goals for your project, including budget, timeline and level of finish.
  • THE SECOND STEP is to prepare a formal written proposal. Our proposals include a detailed project description listing the owner’s goals and requirements, included services, project schedule and fixed fee. We keep our fee structure transparent, and clearly list all anticipated services required, including outside consultants.
  • THE THIRD STEP is the design phase. Based on the goals you have identified earlier, we will prepare up to 3 unique design options for your review at each design meeting. Design meetings take place at your convenience – at your home, at our office, over the phone, or over virtual video conference. Each design meeting typically lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The number of design meetings needed is directly related to the size and complexity of your project. One room additions may take only 1 to 2 meetings whereas new custom homes will take between 6 to 10 meetings. We schedule meetings in advance to occur on a weekly basis. This helps to ensure that your project keeps moving forward. Progress may seem slow at first, but once a good design begins to take shape, the design will come together quickly. Once the design is set, it is time to move on to the next step.
  • THE FOURTH STEP is the construction documents phase. Construction documents are the drawings that your builder will need to construct your project and that you will need to get a building permit. There are no regular meetings during the construction documents phase. As soon as your design is set, we put your project in the pipeline, and as soon as we get to your project, we will work on it until it is complete and ready for permit. Small additions may only take 1 week whereas new custom homes will take up to 3 weeks. Once ready, we prepare all the permit applications, print all necessary drawings, and submit them for permit. If any permit corrections are required, we address them promptly and resubmit drawings as necessary.
  • THE FIFTH STEP is construction administration. This includes regular site construction visits to ensure that the home we have designed is being built the way you intended. You can request as many site construction visits as you would like. They can be weekly, monthly, or simply at key points in the project. We generally recommend a minimum of two site visits.
  • THE SIXTH STEP is to begin to fully enjoy your new home.For more information on our Process, please view some of our helpful “resources”.


“Doghouses to Skyscrapers” B. Karson

At TA we have experience with all manor of residential projects – from the very small (new door in a bearing wall), to the very large (remodel of a 20,000 square foot home).
We generally try to categorize the residential projects we work on in one of the following ways:


These are projects typically limited to the interior of the home. The most common examples include new kitchens or basement finishing. They also include more extensive remodeling projects such as taking 2 small bedrooms and converting them into a master suite. Exterior work may include new window openings and replacing exterior finishes.


As the name implies, these are projects that add to the overall size of the home. Additions can be up (2nd story addition), out (rear addition) or both. They generally require more design work than remodeling projects for two main reasons. First, by adding to the overall size of the home, all major utilities and systems have to be analyzed to make sure they are adequate for the larger home. Secondly, the addition should “fit-in” with the existing home and not look like an addition.


This is a special type of addition project. In this case, the home will be given a completely new look and character. Often times the addition will be so large that it completely overwhelms the original home, or the homeowner is not satisfied with the style of the existing home.


This includes custom, semi-custom, spec, and builder home designs. In addition to project types listed above, we have experience with the following: – Zoning Variances – Building Appearance Approval – Structural Evaluation – Accessory Structures (garages, gazebos, etc.) – Porch Repairs / Replacement – Chicago Code Violations

For more information on our Project Types, please view some of our helpful “resources


At TA we understand that nothing can be more frustrating than the surprise of an unexpected bill. That is why we keep our pricing structure as predictable and transparent as possible. We also understand that our customers choose us not only for our good value, but because of the quality of the work that we do.

The pricing for our major project types is based on a flat, fixed fee. This fee includes all work listed in the Process Section above. The fee is based on the project type, size and complexity. While the project type and size are easy to determine, the project complexity is evaluated at the free initial consultation. The following is our pricing guide for our major project types:


$1.5 – $2.5

per square foot

$750 minimum

2–4 weeks design time

1–3 weeks construction documents


$2.0 – $3.0

per square foot

$1,500 minimum

3–6 weeks design time

2–4 weeks construction documents


$2.5 – $3.5

per square foot

$2,500 minimum

4–8 weeks design time

3–4 weeks construction documents

New Construction

$2.0 – $4.0

per square foot

$5,000 minimum

5–8 weeks design time

3–4 weeks construction documents

For especially small projects or additional services our pricing is based on our hourly rates. To keep things as predictable as possible, we also include a guaranteed maximum price. The following is our rate schedule.



per hour



per hour



per hour



per hour

For more information on our Pricing, please view some of our helpful “resources”.