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Home Remodel Considerations

Home remodeling projects come in varying scales, from simple DIY projects to full gut rehabs. If you are still reading so far, you may be realizing that your project is more than a weekend DIY. With bigger projects comes the need for collaboration with professionals. This might include general contractors, architects, interior designers, financial advisors […]

Thumbtack for Architects

Architects love word of mouth referrals. We refer to these as hot leads. We often have very high success rates when we get these types of referrals. But what happens when your circle of contacts have all exhausted their architectural needs? That is why we often try to expand our circle of contacts by using […]

Fixed Fee Pricing

Architectural fees can very greatly from one firm to the next. Some architects rely on generic cost per square foot pricing, others on a percentage of construction cost, and still others just charge an hourly rate for their services. We have always relied on a fixed fee pricing model for our services, because we believe […]