Insist on BIM

Most small business owners realize that, choosing an architect involves consideration of a myriad of qualities. There are the obvious, of course – Experience, Cost, Responsiveness, etc. But what about the tools that the architect uses? Wouldn’t you think twice if a Vendor came to you using decade’s old software?


BIM refers to Building Information Modeling. Unlike the traditional CAD software which relies on creating two dimensional sketches, BIM is built on creating three dimensional, parametric models. Rather than creating representative drawings of your building, BIM software allows your building to be virtually modeled in full 3D. The model is complete with rich building information such as cost and R-value. It is also fully parametric. This means a change in one part of the model is reflected everywhere.


There are obvious advantages for large construction projects and large architecture firms, but does it really matter for a smaller, simpler projects? Our answer is a resounding YES. Using BIM software means that our construction documents are more accurate and precise. It allows us to investigate multiple design options quickly and easily. When communicating our design ideas with our clients, they can see the building in full 3D.


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